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We need your help and donations

We need your help so we can support more good causes with more and more money. We have helped the Tabitha Childrenhospice House and nationally 23 prematurely born baby hospital departments or children with cumulative disadvantages.

This means thousands of children, who with our help could eat, drink ad get clothes. Or we gave them experiences: a concert, plating trees together, where they also learned an important lesson because we have invited an environmental protection specialist. But we have much more to do.

We have many children at home who are in need. Or who is sick. Or those who have permanent health damage, we can’t help that but we can make the time he spends here joyful. Or all these together.

We would like to help those children. The ones who have a full life before them, but they are hindered in accessing that, even at the start of their lives. They are in need, financially, or have a serious health-related problem, or were prematurely born. We would like to give them a chance, and experiences. Because this is how we can affect future generations.

So that we can help more and more children –with equipment, or experiences- we ask you to support our work, if you can.

We thank you for your donation.

We appreciate any donations because any amount is a great help. We are happy with small and big donations alike.

Thank you for your help.

Help with your time and with your connections.

We are thankful for all your help, but we are especially thankful if you sacrifice your time or help us through your connections. Because there is a thing that we don’t have time for, and there is a door which opens for you faster. We believe in the power of working together and that together we can make everything happen.

This is why we are thankful for these.

Voluntary work

Be a commando and work with us, gift us your time. Click for details

Company support

Help us with your connections, and open up new avenues for us. Click here:

Buying or donating plushes

Give us your old plushes, or buy one from us:

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