The plush’s way

Every plush has a story to tell

We think that every plush has a story. Which is heartfelt, full of encounters and adventures. You surely had a favorite plush. One you cuddled most, played most, and which you could share your happiness and sadness.

Your favorite plush started the same as the other hundreds of plushes, but somehow it became the chosen one. The one with a name, whom you loved the most, and the one you took with you everywhere to have amazing adventures together. This plus accompanied you to kindergarten, and sometimes to the school as well, to your holidays, and it was your best friend, one you, after all these years still think back with a smile, because you could depend on it. You made this plush what it is now. 

Your plush never felt alone, and you still keep him somewhere safe in your home. But not all plushes are that lucky. There are many around the world waiting for a friend, a friend like you were for your favorite plush.

We’re looking for those plushes so that we could give them to the ones in need. They get a new chance to be someone’s favorite and to get a new chance of making amazing adventures together.

Don’t throw out any plush you got tired of, let’s give them another chance, a new one so that they can have a story as well! If you have a plush that you got bored of, which „only takes up space”, gift it to us, so we could find a new and loving friend for it.

This is what happens to the gifted plushes

First, we ask you kindly to bring your gifted plush to us washed and in a proper condition. However we would like it we don’t have the capacity to mend the plushes with a torn-off arm, or a lost eye, or one in tatters. (But if you would like to you can seek out our Plush Clinic at our organized events and together we could help to mend them.)

After you washed and tidy plush arrives to us, we disinfect it then it gets a love ribbon, which has a positive message, and a serial number. The positive message is for the journey, and the serial number is that the one purchasing the gift (and thus helping us with our noble cause) can participate in a draw for valuable prizes from our contributors.

Please gift us the following way 

We kindly ask you to only donate washed and tidy plushes in a good condition. Please give some vinegar to the washing as well besides the detergent and rinse aid.

Then your plush becomes a gift. This is good for you because you’ve done something special, you have contributed a plush that once meant a lot to you to a good cause. And the good effects don’t stop there.

  • you save a plush and give it a valuable second chance to find a loving friend,
  • you provide some love to the children receiving it,
  • you’re saving the Earth because you don’t burden it further by making additional garbage, as we mend your old plush together and don’t throw it away,
  • and all the money we get from selling it serves a good cause, as it will all fund our foundations or one of our campaigns! 

You can take your plushes here

We have 11 Plush Point across the Hungary where we accept the gift, but you can also post them to us, or bring them to one of our events. Pay attention to your neighborhood because the Plush Commando may strike everywhere!

And don’t forget: you may buy a plush at our events and now even in our webshop!

This way you become the one giving a second chance for a plush. The one who gives it a story. The one it can go on adventures with. And you’ll be the one supporting one of our noble causes or campaigns. And you’ll be supporting the zero waste policy by not buying a new one, but a reused one in good condition.

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